Final Overall 11/11 Sales Figure



That’s about US$9.3 billion.

It’s Jack Ma of Alibaba’s ambition to turn 11/11 into a global shopping spree day.

That’ll be interesting to see happen in the U.S.. No more Black Friday lines? No more Cyber Monday?

Same-day update:



Second same-day update after the break.




Sina Tech has an article with some statistics [Google Translate].


Off at 0:00 on the 12th, the flag 217 countries and regions are all lit, globalization ecological prototype build. Meanwhile, the US, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Germany to become the most favorite products of Chinese buyers exporter.

Most of those must be Chinese living outside of China. Because I’ll be damned if I could figure out how to order from China while requiring English! Even the current English-language versions of JD and Alibaba are a confusing challenge really not worth the struggle to save a few bucks.


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