Google Books PDF Test: Mach Speed Trio 7.85

The Mach Speed Trio 7.85 uses an Allwinner A33 CPU running at 1.5GHz. It has 8GBs of internal storage, a microSD card slot, and a TN LCD screen at 1024 x 768. It’s on sale at Best Buy for US$79.99.


This tablet is a piece of shit and should be avoided.





“Ooh look,” the poor suckers will exclaim, “It’s an iPad Mini for one-third of the price those nasty greedy people at Apple charge!”


After you get it home, you will pray that it had just one-third the power of that iPad Mini! Because that would make it like ten times more powerful than the piece of shit is!

This tablet is the epitome of the word “Sluggish.” I’ve never seen the Home screen icons zoom into place so slowly on an Android tablet before this one.

This tablet was also weirdly fucked-up when it came to displaying web pages in Chrome:



On a real Android tablet, the entire cover of the book is displayed, not running off the edges as here:


I also had problems downloading the 38MB iOS version of The American Magazine:


But we’ll cut it some slack and curse the Best Buy WiFi for that. I settled on getting The People of the Abyss, the smallest of the test files.

And here’s that video:

Text rendering was atrocious:


Even if I suddenly had a loss of all IQ points and decided to buy this thing, I wouldn’t be able to read the damn text anyway!

This is the kind of tablet that J&R used to stock in quantity. It’s no mystery to see why they went out of business. People must have returned these craptabs in droves.

The shame of it is, people at Best Buy were flocking to tablets like this, that had a cheap price.

The price is the least of it! The experience matters!

This tablet is no damned bargain. You’d have more fun being interrogated at Guantanamo than using this tablet.

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