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Reader Alert: Hit “Older Posts”

This blog’s template sticks ten posts at a time on the front.

Today is yet another one of those days when I’ve done more than ten posts in a day.

So to see everything, when getting to the bottom of the scroll hit the “Older posts” link.

The first post published today was: CUBE iWork 7: iambillbil Application Evaluation


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Rumor/Leak: US$65 Xiaomi Smartphone



I’ve seen rumors of this.

What counts is the user experience, not the price.

If Xiaomi puts out stuff on the level of the Mach Speed Trio 7.85 tablet, they won’t be doing users or themselves any favors.

Previously here:

Xiaomi Smartphones: US$65 Target Price

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More 11/11 Sales Data




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CUBE T9 Disassembled

I have to confess that if I saw the “T9” name before, it just went by me, never connecting it to the Talk 9X. It could be an upgraded version. It has an octa-core MediaTek 8752 CPU, 2GBs of RAM, 32GBs of internal storage, and a 13MP back camera. It might also have China-compatible 4G.

Anyway, at the ZOL forum, there’s a disassembly [Google Translate].


Not seen in the one photo above is the copious amount of tape inside of it! The design is neat, but there’s more tape than a tablet should rightly contain.


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Announced: CUBE Talk 98

Two days after the big 11/11 sale, CUBE puts down a new card in the tablet game.



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Pipo To Do Smartwatch-Thing


See their forum post [Google Translate].

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Amazon Wins Again

Amazon and Hachette Resolve Dispute

Amazon and Hachette announced Thursday morning that they have resolved their differences and signed a new multiyear contract, bringing to an official end one of the most bitter publishing conflicts in recent years.

Neither side gave details of the deal, but both pronounced themselves happy with the terms. Hachette gets the ability to set the prices on its e-books, which was a major battleground in the dispute.

“This is great news for writers,” said Michael Pietsch, Hachette’s chief executive.

Keep dreaming. It’s “good news” only for Hachette.

All the writers who couldn’t shut the fuck up during this are now on The Blacklist.

Actual photo of Jeff Bezos thanking one of the writers who turned against him:


Now you know what he means when he says, “Let’s do some business together.”

Y’all better hope Jack Ma of Alibaba loves books …

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Dual Finales: Doctor Who & The Blacklist


“Missy” carried the entire episode, with a shout-out to the OCD Nerd Girl …


… who they really must find a way to bring back as the new Companion.

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RetroAndroid Reviews Teclast X98 Air 3G

Teclast X98 Review Air 3G Android version [Google Translate].

There are two videos embedded in the review.

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Intel’s Ambition To Oust ARM In China

An article at 1Pad [Google Translate].

An article at PadNews [Google Translate].

If Intel can deliver the kind of performance shown with the Dell Venue 8 7000 to every partner at an economical price, they could have a real shot at it.

The problem, at least in China, is that their partners have a tendency to churn out device after device with no thought of future support. Those aren’t exactly great advertisements for “Intel Inside.”

A huge sea change would occur if Xiaomi were to use one of Intel’s designs in a new phone. But Xiaomi seems to want to do its own thing, chip-wise.

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