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Teclast X98 Air 3G PDF Test

RetroAndroid has done a separate video showing two PDFs on the Teclast X98 Air 3G. I believe this was originally an Android tablet that has since been flashed to Windows 8.1.


See the video after the break.

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How To Best Use A “1/16” Windows 8.1 Tablet

Budget Windows 8 Tablets work well in ‘RT Mode’

Present-day “1/16” Windows tablets turn out to be less capable than circa-2007 Windows UMPCs!

The Samsung Q1 had just 512MBs of RAM and a 40GB hard drive — half the RAM, more than twice the internal storage space. (But even with 32GBs, Chippy offers storage warnings.)

Strange how tech progress “advances.”

See the link above for Chippy’s post and his embedded video.

Previously here:

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Teclast X98 Air II Gets A Review


Over at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

This is basically just an upgrade to the CPU, an Intel Z3736F with a peak frequency of 2.16GHz. And as there is no 3G, there’s also no GPS.

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iOS Gets Easy Storage Expansion


iPhone and iPad Get Extra Storage and Easy Back-Ups With SanDisk iXpand

I used iXpand to watch videos while flying over the weekend: The app’s built-in video player can read more video formats than the iPad’s default video playing app—including the Microsoft-friendly WMV and AVI—and I didn’t have to mess around with copying the videos over to the iPad to get them to play. (It won’t play DRM movies, like the ones you’d buy from iTunes, however.)

Very interesting.


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Google Translate Update Ruins It

This is supposed to be Chinese translated to English:


It’s garbage.

Google did some kind of change to Translate and now a swath of sites I used to check are no longer readable.

I haven’t tried them in Chrome because, you know, fuck Google if they think they can force their browser on me that way.

Fix Translate so it works for everyone again, Google.


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Rockchip To Offer Android 5.0 To Partners


PadNews is reporting that Rockchip has announced Android 5.0 for its partners [Google Translate].

But their testing revealed battery life degradation and WiFi instability, among other issues. So it’ll still be a while before it gets to tablet owners via Rockchip’s partners — some of whom will slather a skin over it and do other mods (such as Five Technology with its iFive Skin).


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Internet Culture Operation License

Something very weird at the bottom of the Jingdong listing for the Vidaa Pad [Google Translate]. It applies to the operation of Jingdong:

Click = big

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Hisense Vidaa Pad: ZOL Does Advertorial Video

CBS Interactive owns ZOL and, man, did their ad people score a coup.

I wonder how much Hisense paid for the advertorial video for the new Vidaa Pad [Google Translate]?


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