First Video: CUBE i6 Tablet




Video ripped from Youku:

Previously here:

CUBE i6 Tmall Pre-Sale
CUBE i6 Announced
New Tablet From CUBE: i6


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16 responses to “First Video: CUBE i6 Tablet

  1. Josh

    Pretty much the same as the Teclast Air 3G, right?

  2. Muson

    Ordered on 11/11 ali. 30 days (order processing) + 4 days delivery. Got reply from seller that comes only in black.

  3. dey

    this one is using z3735 right?

  4. Muson

    Yesterday received this Cube i6.
    Looks nicely build. Didn’t find any defects.
    It’s intel z3735 with 1.33GHz, ~25GB usable, 2GB RAM.
    It looks like device does not support 5GHz Wifi, had to switch to 2.4GHz. Still having wifi stability issues, will investigate more.
    Ran few your PDF tests, The American Magazine 89 [290 MBs] opens and is overall readable. Could be more faster, as now you need to wait 1 or 2seconds while image loads on new page. Haven’t tested with other reader than foxit.
    If not for that WiFi thingy I’m overall very happy.

  5. I’m using the lastest 1.0.4 firmware, and the problem still persists.

  6. Muson

    Same problem here with Wifi, only reliable workaround is to install putty and ping something continuously. Wifi then never drops. It suggest it’s software/firmware problem not hardware (could be fixed if manufacturer invest time)

    Also another sort of good to know, Tablet charges only with provided cable, I tested like 8 usb cables with different chargers – Use cable that came with tablet!

    I guess you would be better with Talk series than this.

  7. There is still problem with the new 1.0.6 dualOS firmware.
    The wifi is better under Win8.1 than Android, but still not good enough.

  8. Martin

    I am choosing between Cube i6 and Cube Talk 9x tablets. While I hear everyone loves 9X, it is not always the case for i6. Also knowing it is their first Intel CPU tablet does not make me feel better. Do you still have problems with Wifi as stated before? Would you rather recommend 9X than i6 tablet?

    Thank you for the reply.

  9. איק מרקר

    did anyone solved the wifi issue?
    is there anything i could do to solve it?

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