iFive Air: First Owner Tech Specs


Over at the 5Fans forum, a second person received delivery of the iFive Air they ordered [Google Translate].


What’s pre-installed …


… but a close examination reveals that the icons are now in a different order and it seems the Baidu app was deleted.

System Information out of the box:


System Information after an immediate Over The Air update:


Not being able to read Chinese, I can’t tell if MultiWindow is included as an option (as it should be!). I don’t want to be optimistic and think the selection right below Screenshotting (between the camera and battery icons, at left) is it.

Ten-point multitouch:


I don’t know what benchmark this is (it might be Master Lu, with a new design):


This is the anti-cheating AnTuTu X …


… but the regular 5.2 version displays a more credible score:


All of the images here have been reduced. See full-size and more images at the 5Fans forum post.

No HDMI-out (that was already known), no root access, and some of the pre-installed apps can’t be deleted.

This might be an interesting tablet if it attracts the attention of OMA.

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2 responses to “iFive Air: First Owner Tech Specs

  1. There doesn’t seem to be any multiwindow there. The field you refer to is Storage, where you can check the available space and manage your internal memory, SD card, and any disk you may have attached..

    That said, with these screen sizes, and particularly with 4:3 screens, I don’t think Multiwindow is bringing anything to the table.

    • The Air has the same 9.7-inch screen size as the Pipo P1, which offers Rockchip MultiWindow. 1.0 of RMW was even available on iPad Mini clones running with a RK3188 on a 7.85-inch screen.

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