iFive Air: Unboxing Photos, Video

This is a very strange situation.

None of the users who were seeded the iFive Air have been cleared to publish their reactions.

What we have instead is someone who ordered the tablet through a seller (Tmall? Jingdong?) and has received it and posted photos [Google Translate] and a video [Google Translate]!





At left is the iFive Mini 3 …


… and it’s thinner than the iFive Air!

At left is the iPad Air …


… identical thinness.

More photos are at the 5Fans forum links, above.

And here’s the video, ripped to YouTube:

That is a freaking seriously-fast boot-up time!

Now we await user experience reports. Just how stable is that iFive ROM? Does the iFive Skin introduce stuttering and delays? What about that back speaker and camera? And is the microphone again total garbage?

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12 responses to “iFive Air: Unboxing Photos, Video

  1. giouncino

    less than 15sec for boot time is nealy incredible to me….
    I think it could not be the truth!

    • bobb

      i have a teclast P90HD and it boots just as quickly.

      • ALL of Android is available? No long pauses to launch apps or start video play?

      • giouncino

        Try to take time, yours should bootup in 20-30sec, 15sec is totally another story!

      • bobb

        yup, it goes to first screen to unlock and it’s good to go.
        It’s rooted (used Oma rom, android 4.4.2) and got rid of all bloatware.
        Finally downloaded that American Magazinev89.pdf (the 290 mb version) to see how it runs on my P90HD. Using eBook reader it smokes right along. Can flip from page to page as quickly as i can swipe my finger across, no lag. Am amazed there are only about 50 pages in that 290 mb file. Zooms in fine, very clear, etc. This is the best chinese tablet i have owned.

      • You have the wrong version of The American Magazine. The 50-pager is a special abbreviated version for iOS and isn’t the same structure as a Google-made PDF, so it performs faster. That file is mainly to test resolution. You should try again with the correct version. I think the result would be very, very different and maybe even disappointing,

      • bobb

        Just tested it again, from the time I push the button to the time i can swipe to unlock the screen is 17 seconds.

      • giouncino

        most rk3288 tablets bootup in 19sec, yours is a little faster (very good though!)

      • bobb

        sorry, i opened the wrong one in eBook reader. Opened the correct one, and other than it taking a bit to load initially, it pages through quite decently.. Pages are crisp and clear, zoom works well, etc.

      • bobb

        Tried foxit pdf on the P90HD with the correct file. Does not perform as well as eBook reader, slight hesitation when swiping from page to page, other than that is very crisp, zoom works fine, etc.

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