Teclast X98 Air 3G: Play Store Fix

Since several people have reported this problem, the solution deserves promotion out of Comments:

Frontier provided a solution:

It works on my tablet, updated firmware 4.4.4

Thanks Holl.

Update: See also:

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25 responses to “Teclast X98 Air 3G: Play Store Fix

  1. db


    The part that no one explain in that post is how to root
    To root X98 Air II
    download toolbox from: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwX…ew?usp=sharing
    unzip the file
    open a cmd and open the directory where you just unzip the toolbox
    cd C:\Libraries\Downloads\Toolbox
    in that directory there are some .bat files
    run ADB_shell.bat
    after that run ROOT_me!.bat
    If successful root the tablet, now you can dun Link2SD
    and all will work. SuperSU will be installed in your tablet
    Now the market is working for my too!

  2. ck

    I can’t seem to reach the dowload page following the above link… can anyone verify this please?

  3. You can use X98 Toolbox to root any X98 tablet (X98/Air 3G/II).
    Download it from here: http://d-h.st/9RX

    Extract the package, double-click on 1_Toolbox.bat, connect your tablet to the PC and press ‘E’.

  4. ck

    Need help… after finished rooting, system reboot and now my touchscreen doesn’t response at all. I can’t even touch the screen to unlock the display… did my x98 just brick? desprately need help here…

  5. ck

    ok.. i re-run the rooting and this time after the system reboot, the tablet is functioning nomal again. My play store is also working now… thanks!

  6. jj

    no ” 1_Toolbox.bat” file.

  7. mikhail

    i have fixed the problem with the play store after updating to 4.4.4.
    Thank you so much!

  8. Jack

    It always stops at Dameon started succesfullly and nothing happens… Any ideas?

  9. ewawowa

    None of these links are working!

  10. Gorka

    i wonder if the new models featuring dual boot are suffering the same crashes with google Play. Does anyone have heard about such issues with the new models?

  11. Teclust

    The links from Frontier provided are malware
    After following the teclast update methode playstore still crashes. Did anyone solve this problem in another way?

  12. ewawowa

    Malware in the sense that my PC classes it as malware. Also the link is non longer to the same play services play store and link2sd apps. Its an exe file instead.

    • The files are hosted on one of those sites that tries to trick you into downloading malware. Click on one of the links and if it downloads a .exe file, delete it and use the other (correct) link. You should get a .rar file, as long as you don’t click on the .exe you should be fine.

  13. Dmytro

    teclast x98 air II. in one moment touchscreen doesn’t response. i`m flashing dual-boot bios. in bios and win toch working. but in android – no. help me please.

  14. can somebody help to solve my problem i just bought teclast x98 air 2 tablet with dual boot windows & android.
    when i on my tablet it only jump to android no windows 8.1 inside.
    what should i do somebody pls help me

  15. Dmytro

    Please help me. touchscreen does not work on Android . but in the bios and windows it works. what to do?

    • jerrebxl

      I have the same problem.. touch screen suddenly just stopped working in Android. Anyone a tip to fix?

      • popof

        I have the same problème since a week
        M’y touchscreen suddenly stop worked on Android only, i have to use a USB mouse, sas… and no chance right now to fins any solutions

      • mrskynavi

        Same Problem with the Touchscreen. Any solutions?

    • dengzc

      I had the same problem so checked some Chinese bbs. It seems Teclast didn’t comment on the root cause, just asked users in China to send back the tablet to repair….wonder how I can do that because the postage is huge because I’m not in China.

  16. cesar

    Hello good day arrived a few days ago me two tablets teclast air x98 3g have android 4.4.4 already have root, store and play repaired, but my problem is I can not connect to wifi because they have the same address mac wifi because I tried to change it with different programs but none work, I asked in various forums and nobody could help me, my children are desperate with this situation as only one can connect to wifi, I can do ?, if I change the room stock by a custom rom change the mac address ?, I hope you can orients me , thank you very much , greetings from Mexico .

    pd . I apologize writing , I use a translator

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