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Xiaomi Windows Phone? Part Two



Previously here:

Xiaomi Windows Phone?


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Android 5.0 On Low-End Allwinner A33 CPU

This is the same CPU inside the Mach Speed Trio 7.85.

See the video from Allwinner, ripped from QQ to YouTube, after the break.

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When The Money Runs Out …

The writer is William McPherson, a novelist, critic, and journalist, who was the editor of the Washington Post Book World and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism.

Read that again: He won a Pulitzer Prize.

Now he is poor.


If you’re poor, what might have been a minor annoyance, or even a major inconvenience, becomes something of a disaster. Your hard drive crashes? Who’s going to pay for the recovery of its data, not to mention the new computer? I’m not playing solitaire on this machine; the hard drive holds my work, virtually my life. It is not a luxury for me but a necessity. I need dental work. Anybody got $10,000? Dentists are not a luxury. Dental disease can make you seriously ill. Lose your cellphone? What may be a luxury to some is a necessity to me. Without that telephone and that computer, my life as I have known it would cease to exist. Not long after, so would I. I am not eager for that to happen.


Being Poor

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Intel And China Subsidies, Again

Earlier: Weird Weibo Rumor About Intel

Yesterday: After losing Apple’s iPad business, Intel has bled $7 billion while heavily subsidizing cheap x86 Atom Android tablets

It’s written by Daniel Eran Dilger, a Apple adherent.

And there’s no quote from Intel itself in there.

It’s Morgan Stanley analyst Joseph Moore, not Intel, who says:

“While we do expect that [Intel] phasing out tablet subsidies over the course of 2015 will cause modest reduction in losses, it could also blunt the company’s momentum in tablets significantly,” Moore wrote. “Eliminating these losses would require either massive revenue gains, or massive expense cuts, and we don’t see a clear scenario for either of them.”

But no one passing this piece around seems to be able to comprehend or parse what they’ve read.

There’s been absolutely no word from Intel itself that China subsidies will end in 2015.

If it’s true Intel has bled seven billion dollars in this quest, will they cut and run or double-down?

Maybe Intel should have focused more on how China tablet makers treat their customers before sinking money into them.

Personally, I’d really like to know what the sales figures are for China tablets — of any CPU. Xiaomi sold about twenty-thousand of the MiPad during 11/11, making it the top seller over all others. That’s just not an impressive figure. How much worse are other tablet makers doing?


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Why Does iOS Use Less RAM Than Android?

How come the iPhone’s 1 GB RAM is touted to be able to compete with more than 2 GB RAM of Android phones?

So, there we go.

Not only is Android behind in that respect, but also in the optimizations and OS components that make viewing Google Books PDFs on iOS a better experience.

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iFive Air To Get Android 5.0



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Announced: Voice Control Teclast Elf



The information page [Google Translate; Chrome is recommended].

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