iFive Air To Get Android 5.0




This is obviously a marketing ploy to try to coax people into buying the iFive Air.

Talk is cheap. Delivery is hard.

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3 responses to “iFive Air To Get Android 5.0

  1. giouncino

    Interesting! It could be a starting point for all the other chinese companies to focus efforts switching on the new OS.

    • All tablet makers get their Android from the platform supplier: Rockchip, Allwinner, or Intel are the three big ones right now. It’s up to those three to adapt Android to their CPUs. Then they push it to their partners — Pipo, Teclast, Onda, Five, etc — who then need time to add their own customizations (tUI, OndaOS, iFive Skin, etc). I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see 5.0 on a tablet until January. Anything released before then is likely to be unoptimized, crashy, and not worth the download.

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