Nokia N1: 1.37 Million YouTube Views


YouTube page

The Nokia name still has some cachet? How many are Microsoft and Nokia employees?

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Nokia N1: How Much Is Really Nokia?
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13 responses to “Nokia N1: 1.37 Million YouTube Views

  1. I’m pretty sure they will sell quite a few of these. Would rather see a Windows tablet from Nokia that isn’t Windows RT.

  2. Ric Day

    The N1 was designed & built by Foxcon, so I strongly suspect all the views were in the “will Foxcon be the next big phone brand?”

  3. I read a lot about this and many people stating that N1 looks like an Ipad mini. I totally disagree, it looks authentic Nokia, but share more liens with iphone 6 or xperia z3 than ipad mini. People just don’t get it!

  4. Bilbo Baggins

    u liar… only has 115, 580 views… u photoshoped the pic…

  5. Bilbo Baggins

    and how u reply at 9:22 when it only 9:06?

  6. Donny Jenyth

    when will the N1 be available in the Us

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