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Amazon Leases Entire NYC Building

Amazon to Lease Entire Manhattan Building, Hinting at Retail Ambitions

Amazon.com agreed to lease 470,000 square feet of space in midtown Manhattan from Vornado Realty Trust, including a site people familiar with the matter say will serve as a same-day shipping hub, warehouse and the company’s first customer-facing brick-and-mortar location.

The Seattle e-commerce giant has agreed to lease the space for 17 years, according to a statement from Vornado Thursday. The Wall Street Journal last month reported Amazon’s plans for the brick-and-mortar location, on one of Manhattan’s busiest commercial streets.

And it’s the place I visited earlier: No Evidence Of Amazon Store In NYC

Apparently Amazon’s ambitions are far grander than a mere pop-up store for the holidays.

I wonder how soon there will be Amazon delivery bicycles zooming around Manhattan?

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Jolla Tablet Raises US$1 Million (So Far)


There are tablet makers in China who would break out champagne if they had an advance order of US$1 million.

I’m really hard-pressed to understand what’s going on here. Do people like Sailfish OS that much? Is there such an untapped desire for a different iPad Mini clone? Does Jolla have a reputation that warrants this level of trust?

There’s a lesson here for tablet makers in China. I just don’t know yet what it is.

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Claim: iFive Air MultiWindow



No evidence seen of that claim yet.

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Announced: Teclast T98 4G



IMP3Net has press material with details [Google Translate].

The Tmall pre-sale page.

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R.I.P. Director Mike Nichols

Entertainment Icon Mike Nichols Has Died at Age 83

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Teclast X98 Air 3G: Play Store Fix 2

Thanks to OneOreTwo in Comments.

Go to this post: How to fix Teclast X98 Air II Google Play Store crashed issue

No need for dealing with any rooting. The solution is so simple, it’s a bit amazing no one tried it on their own.

Keep it in mind for other tablets — from Teclast and others!

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