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Three Videos: Teclast X98 Air II Windows 8.1 Version


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Reference: Android 5.0 Full Disk Encryption

Encryption and Storage Performance in Android 5.0 Lollipop

As you can see, there’s a very significant performance penalty that comes with enabling FDE, with a 62.9% drop in random read performance, a 50.5% drop in random write performance, and a staggering 80.7% drop in sequential read performance. This has serious negative implications for device performance in any situation where applications are reading or writing to disk. Google’s move to enable FDE by default also may not be very helpful with real world security without a change in user behaviour, as much of the security comes from the use of a passcode. This poses a problem, because the users that don’t use a passcode doesn’t really benefit from FDE, but they’re still subject to the penalties.

I understand the need for FDE. But perhaps there needs to be user-selectable options as to what requires encryption.

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