Teclast X89: 1.33GHz Speed?

I was reading some of the Tmall reviews of the upgraded Teclast X89 (formerly the X89HD), and more than one customer remarked that the base speed of the CPU isn’t the touted 2.16GHz but a measly 1.33GHz. One person included a photo as proof:


That’s less default speed than the original X89HD, which was reported to run its CPU at its full 1.83GHz peak frequency.

There are over six hundred reviews of this tablet at Tmall. That’s far too much time for me to devote to a single tablet. Plus, I don’t know how objective or knowledgeable these reviewers are. Some mention they’re encountering Windows for the first time, which is hard to believe.

Previously here:

Teclast X89HD Gets Faster CPU, Drops HD In Name



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13 responses to “Teclast X89: 1.33GHz Speed?

  1. Chad

    From Intel’s website the burst frequency is 2.16 GHz, and the base frequency is 1.33 GHz. My guess is they just slapped burst frequency as advertisement material instead of the base frequency.

  2. highwind

    Perhaps people should read and learn the difference between base clock and turbo clock before they start making false statements…

  3. Robert

    Hi. It’s me again. I bought the 89hd a while ago and took a video of foxit.

    Lemme clear things up:
    It’s normal for the info screen to show, 1,33 if that’s the base clock which is what mine shows(the hd). In task manager it easily goes above that when I’m running multiple stuff at once.

    If it would be locked at the 2.16(1.8 for me) , like it was in the original android version ,it would heat up so much it would discolor the backplate.

    And lastly, a report on how it’s holding. Perfectly: the heating up is not something to be concered. I’ve been using extensively and now issues.
    Only problem is that because I was using it so much the USB charger that came with it is not working anymore.

  4. I just received my X89 (no HD) and while it does say 1.33 as the CPU speed, I do show it boosts to 2.00+ within Windows Task Manager. So it is working according to Spec. It’s a great little tablet.

    • How’s the heat on the back? The X89HD was said to run too hot.

      • it gets hot only if i have the display and an hdmi monitor running on it at the same time. I guess it has to work hard to push all those pixels.

        but if i have the builtin display turned off, with just the monitor on, the tablet stays cool. if i just use the builtin display, it gets a little warm, but not bad.

        I have also played some WoW on it and i didn’t get too hot — just warm.

  5. Daniel S

    What is the battery life on the X89?

  6. mikel

    great little tablet but Chrome browser crashes every single time when in Android mode.

  7. Chris

    Is it possible (consumer friendly) to flash Windows 10 on a teclast x89? Thanks.

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