Teclast Makes Windows 8.1/Android Dual-Boot Tablets Official

Teclast’s big announcement today was to make official that it will offer Windows 8.1/Android Dual-Boot versions of its X98 Air 3G and X98 Air II tablets.

Screensnaps from their official promo video:














Now the video, ripped from Youku to YouTube:

The tablets will not increase in price for dual-boot.

More details to come in a separate post.



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9 responses to “Teclast Makes Windows 8.1/Android Dual-Boot Tablets Official

  1. Hmm, interesting. They speed the video up to make it look faster. But at what cost will this dual boot system have to performance? No doubt Windows 8.1 will not have GPU acceleration and lag like hell.UNless they fixed that issue. It also means less eMMC free space. FYI, Mike. Struck an issue with my X98 Air 3G –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8mCYnoXJDg Battery reporting is faulty, maybe faulty hardware?

    • Yes. I noticed the speedups and cuts in the video too and should have mentioned them. I have a cold and am not undistracted, so that went without saying in the post.

      Battery meters seem to be something that plagues many China tablets.

    • highwind

      Mhhh, when/where do you see those speed ups?
      Judging from the movement of the hands I think it looks quite natural…

      Real dual boot wouldnt have any performance issues, you only run into those with virtualization.
      After all its only the x64 UEFI bootloader thats missing… if they would provide just that anything else would be easy pie.

  2. Dario

    Well, there is no proof that this is real dual-boot and not some crappy virtualization…
    I had my hopes high, but it seems that this is same dual system machine like it was announced before.
    Since there is only an preorder for now, it seems that Teclast hopes to provide real dual-boot and polish it up before shipping, and still be first one to announce cheap dual boot system.

  3. John Doe

    Do you have any information about devices with 4GB RAM running windows ? I don´t get it, why there or only tablets on the market, running on 2GB (except the surface) …

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