Get With The Post-Print World


Century 21 FX Exclusive

I understand how they’re marketing to collectors. But some of us out here are no longer collectors — yet we’d still like the information and images.

So why limit this to print and limit possible income?

I mean look at this:


Would I really care about having a limited-edition print of that?


What would I do with it?

But being able to get a 4K digital file of it would be great to view on a tablet.

In fact, the booklet itself should be issued as a damn PDF. This is the Tablet Age. PDFs work fine on them (I should know!). And it could be reasonably priced.

It’s really frustrating how many publishers still think print-only.

This is 2014. Meet the future already! It’s here. Now.

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Why Your “Collectibles” Are Worthless

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