Teclast Dual-Boot X98 Air 3G User Report

Over at the IMP3Net forum is a post from a user about the Teclast Dual-Boot X98 Air 3G [Google Translate]. All of the photos were posted improperly and many don’t show.

This is the important part:


A thousand [yuan] to get into the dual system, affordable, value for money;

2, thin, large screen, ultra-high change rate performance to the edge, easy to carry;

3, modify a word, Excel, PPT to be easy;

4, when the phone can make [voice calls] (backup machine, ha ha)

5, can be connected computer, mouse, just like with a regular computer use;

6, extended stored dual system can be shared;

To be improved:
1, touch a little under WIN8 failure, occasionally off the page, point several times, hoping that all cases;

2, during input, the keyboard does not pop up automatically every time require a single tap keypad, good trouble, I hope this can be improved;

3, camera pixel bit low, enlarge the picture after seeing a lot of jagged, needs to be improved.

It also seems to me that the boot time to enter either system is slower than I’d like and could be a source of friction and frustration.

Previously here:

Teclast Dual-Boot X98 Air 3G Gets A Second Review


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2 responses to “Teclast Dual-Boot X98 Air 3G User Report

  1. simons700

    The keybird problem is related to win 8 in general.
    I have it on myvenue 8 to.

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