Colonel Sanders

Was He Even Really A Colonel? The Secret Life Of Colonel Sanders

In the 1970s, I was reading a bunch of books about entrepreneurs (this was before they became fashionable and few people even knew of the damn term).

One of them — and I no longer remember the title, dammit! — mentioned the Colonel in passing but it was revelatory. He was a kick-ass kind of guy who took no shit. No relation to that elderly and smiling and waving corporate brand the TV spots turned him into. It also turned out he hated Kentucky Fried Chicken. After he sold it, he said they ruined his recipe and the food they served was basically garbage! How can you not love a guy like that?

So go read the above article. It’s wonderful. That’s the real Colonel.

And don’t miss the link to the free PDF of his autobiography! (Since it’s issued by the corporation, it might have been sanitized, bit still.) So you don’t miss it, here’s the direct link.

Colonel Sanders had one of those lives that really is inspirational. No matter how much you’ve fucked-up in life, you can still win in the end. Don’t quit!


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