Want An Eight-Inch Windows Tablet? Wait.

Sure, an eight-inch Windows 8.1 tablet looks tasty at US$99.

But, my god, remember the 1GB of RAM and the 16GBs of storage. Yeah, some have 2GBs of RAM, but they’re still paired with just 16GBs of storage.

Better for less is already happening.

Tomorrow Chuwi will formally announce the already-leaked Vi8 [Google Translate]:


It’s a typical eight-inch tablet. But Plus.

Eight-inch 1280 x 800 IPS display, Intel Z3735F with a peak frequency of 1.83GHz, and 2GBs of RAM with 32GBs of internal storage.

And get the price: 499 yuan. That’s about US$80.

This introduction is significant. Onda has a similar tablet, the V820w:


At 599 yuan — that’s US$97.

But Chuwi has already scared them into slashing the price to 499 yuan.

And you can expect others to follow suit. Because that’s how the tablet game rolls in China. Everyone is looking for that edge.

If Chuwi’s tablet is the same as Onda’s, the game will have changed for everyone. The Onda V820w can use a microSD card up to 128GB and has HDMI-out too. These will be two inexpensive tablets that require nearly no compromise and can be put to some serious use.

So my advice is to skip the temptation of the current eight-inch tablets and wait.

In a few weeks, better eight-inch tablets for less will be available.



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6 responses to “Want An Eight-Inch Windows Tablet? Wait.

  1. Robert Jasiek

    Summarising your blog, cheap Chinaware is a lottery of firmware, drivers, WLAN, battery, production quality and reimbursement service. Shouldn’t the firework tablet companies learn to compete with big companies by offering reliable quality tablets for twice the twice? They would earn more money and we would get the tablets we want.

    • You have to view China as if it was early 20th Century America, with a ton of companies vying for market share and growth. The competition is cutthroat. Three companies are standing out so far so various reasons: Xiaomi, CUBE, and Ramos. Ramos has a new CEO who is committed to quality so much that he released an interview talking about his overhaul of the company to introduce quality and testing. It’s not possible for anyone to sell at American-vele prices in an attempt to improve quality. Xiaomi tried that with the MiPad and look at how few they sold!

  2. John

    At $99 you can’t really ask for more but I wish they had 1920×1200 displays.

    • Maybe that will be the next round. These companies don’t stand still — but it’s also up to Intel to give them board designs that can handle an increase in resolution. Would Intel be willing to do that and alienate customers such as Dell and Lenovo and Asus and others?

    • M.

      If you want higher resolution, maybe wait for the teclast x90hd. Nece design, high resolution and probably average build quality, just like the Chuwi….

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