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Teclast Dual-Boot X98 Air 3G At English-Language JD.com


9.7″ Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual Boot Intel Bay Trail-T Quad Core Tablet PC 2.16GHz IPS Screen 2048×1536 2GB RAM 32GB eMMC

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Video: Nextbook 8 Vs. Insignia Flex 8 Windows 8.1 Tablets

See it after the break.

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Jolla Tablet Final Hours

IndieGoGo page

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Jolla Tablet Raises US$1 Million (So Far)
Jolla Crowdfunds iPad Mini Clone

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iambillbil Calls Out Intel’s Z37xx CPUs

Hoo boy.

Thermal throttling is the dark secret of the newest-generation of CPUs.

When the temperature of the chip hits a set point, its speed is automatically reduced. So a CPU that its maker brags is 2GHz can throttle back to 1.5GHz — or even less — once it gets hot.

This was already revealed with the Tegra K1 in the Xiaomi MiPad.

Now iambillbil is revealing it in the Intel Z37xx series of CPUs being used by Chinese tablet makers (and others).

In a post at the IMP3Net forum, he names four CPUs and illustrates the impact of thermal throttling [Google Translate].

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R.I.P. Nathaniel Branden

Nathaniel Branden, Ayn Rand’s Collaborator and Paramour, Dies at 84

The Times obit is dated yesterday. No one told me. And it never popped up in my Twitter timeline until today.

The three major players — Rand, Barbara, and now Nathaniel — are dead. Yet the noxious ideas they spread still poison us today.

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Chuwi Formally Announces Vi8

And unfortunately, it lacks HDMI-out [Google Translate].

See specs after the break.

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As Expected, Xiaomi’s Flying Pig Is An Air Purifier

I haven’t even read their Weibo yet and will not be posting further about this. Here are two three four links from people who did the work so I can be lazy here:

Xiaomi wants to clean up Beijing’s air with smart air purifier

Xiaomi‘s Air Purifier”borrowing” Design From Balmuda AirEngine [Frankly, I think it looks more like an old school Mac Pro…]

Xiaomi introduces smart air purifier as it expands its line of home devices

Lei Answers Jack Ma Pollution Jibe With Air Purifier

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Lei Jun: Pigs Will Fly

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Pipo Announces C1 Smartband



This is interesting.

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