Chuwi Formally Announces Vi8

And unfortunately, it lacks HDMI-out [Google Translate].

See specs after the break.


This makes the Onda V820w a better buy, since it has HDMI-out.

The Onda V820w is 599 yuan at regular price — or about US$96. 100 yuan more for HDMI-out is worth it.

As usual, now that the next generation of eight-inch Windows tablets is being released, expect other companies to also jump in and try to top the early entrants. That’s still reason enough to avoid the current crop of US$99 1/16 tablets in stores.

Previously here:

Want An Eight-Inch Windows Tablet? Wait.


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3 responses to “Chuwi Formally Announces Vi8

  1. John

    This one has a 800mah bigger battery, is 30 grams lighter and 1mm thinner than the Onda tablet.Still, HDMI-out is probably more important to most.

  2. Nano

    I have one of these, good performance, good battery, no drain, WiFi works but not fastest. Screen resolution is fine. Only cameras are crap.

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