Pipo Announces C1 Smartband



This is interesting.


There’s more information at the Pipo forum [Google Translate] and the pre-sale Tmall page.

It will work with both iOS and Android. Among its features are remote control for music playback, temperature sensor, vibrate alert for SMS or voice call, camera remote control, sleep monitoring, calorie intake calculation, pedometer, UV detection, and — depending on the device — the possibility of an alert when separated too far from a tablet or phone.


Maybe none of that sounds exciting, but I think two things make this stand out:

1) The regular price is 129 yuan — that’s just about US$20!

2) It uses a conventional 3V CR2302 watch battery!


Also, like other devices of its kind, the circular hardware can be placed in different straps (not yet available).

I think Xiaomi has met its match in the “wristspace.”



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5 responses to “Pipo Announces C1 Smartband

  1. giouncino

    hope that will be better than general awful quality of current and past pipo tablets…

  2. giouncino

    incredible! hahaha!
    so you need tons of cr2032 battery?
    I can imagine the battery could last no more than a week (optimistically!)

    • Well, let’s see what the reviews and users say. I once carried a Palm III. It used two AAA-batteries. I preferred that over the rechargeable battery in my current LifeDrive because I didn’t have to carry a charger Just In Case.

      Of course, a watch is much smaller and it remains to be seen how much of a struggle it’ll be to replace the battery. Will people have to carry a tiny screwdriver?

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