Five Technology Interest Collapse


Chronological introduction of tablets from left to right. Notice the bump in 5Fans forum posts the Mini 3GS got. But basically forum post numbers collapsed after Five Technology’s original iPad Mini clone, the iFive Mini 3.

I’m taking the shrinking number of forum posts as an indication of sales. I sure hope Five Technology has companies lined up to sell tablets under their brands — as Haier has — otherwise this company isn’t going to be around long.


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9 responses to “Five Technology Interest Collapse

  1. David E

    Posts can also be an indication of bugs and problems ! Once my iFive mini 3 was updated to Kit Kat I never had a problem with it. It was a beauty.

    Teclast have a different method of limiting forum posts. They just bring out a new model. My X98 air is only 5 months old but already 4 generations out of date. There’s never been an update for it.

  2. NeiL

    Hi Mike,
    Do you know why is so difficult to buy an ifive mini4? All the shops i’m asking answer the same when asked for real stock, “manufacturer stopped production”. Do you have any info about that?
    Thanks, i love this blog!!

  3. Paula

    I get the mini4 and i was dissapointed.

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