Youku Announces Large RK3288 Tablet

PadNews has the few details (use Chrome as Google Translate continues its FAIL).

It’s a 15.6-inch screen at 1366 × 768!



Youku ordered one million 3288 CPUs from Rockchip. Aside from this tablet, they’ll also be used in the new set-top box Youku announced. They also announced a router.


This is an unusual move and there’s more to the story — which involves joint ventures and “content” — than just the tablet.

But it still seems as if YouTube were to announce a tablet.

Pricing and availability of the tablet has not be set.


Tech in Asia: China’s Youku video portal will launch a 15.6-inch tablet, smart router, and set-top box next month
Techcrunch: Youku Tudou, One Of China’s Leading Streaming Video Sites, Launches Its First Hardware Line


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3 responses to “Youku Announces Large RK3288 Tablet

  1. moccij

    “15.6-inch screen at 1366 × 768”
    100.45 PPI for a tablet, I can’t express the disgust I’m feeling.

  2. To big! And 1366 x 768 on a 15.6 screen yuck, welcome back to 2009.

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