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Thunderbirds Are Go In One Week


Someone said it’s not the début of the TV show itself. That still happens in 2015.

Next week, that website is supposed to go live.

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iFive Air Using OMA ROM

Over at the 5Fans forum, someone gives a brief report with AnTuTu scores of the iFive Air flashed with OMA’s ROM [Google Translate]. Overall stability improves and it seems to boost the AnTuTu score as well.


That score seems impressive until scrolling down to see the bar graph reporting something different. See that at the post.

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Colorfly i977A 3G Gets A Review


The pseudonymous “bugsbunny” does it — again, he’s reviewed several — over at the IMP3Net forum [Google Translate]. This is likely to be promoted to the site itself as a published review.

This tablet has a 9.7-inch Retina-class screen, an Intel Z3735F CPU with a peak frequency of 1.83GHz, and 2GBs of RAM. There is China-compatible 3G with GPS. The distinguishing characteristic of this tablet is that it’s the first one to have 64GBs of internal storage. Plus, it has a design allegedly created in Finland.

There are no surprises in the review. It performs like any other Intel-inside tablet, with an AnTuTu score in the 30,000-range. The one disappointment for me is that the 5MP camera is not exceptional as in a past Colorfly iPad Mini clone.

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Colorfly i977A: 64GBs Internal Storage


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Reference: Malcolm Gladwell

Tipping Points? Malcolm Gladwell Could Use A Few

Malcolm Gladwell Unmasked: A Look Into the Life & Work of America’s Most Successful Propagandist


And I’ll rat myself out. I mentioned Gladwell in several posts here.

(In my weak defense, I was thoroughly unimpressed with his David and Goliath and wouldn’t even waste time on a post damning it.)


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Compilation Of Xiaomi News

iLevon shares some information that seems to indicate three 4G phones are coming from Xiaomi.



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Xiaomi’s Outright Theft Of Balmuda Design

More than one site in China has pointed out disturbing similarities between the design of the new Xiaomi air purifier and one from Balmuda.

It’s now reached peak plagiarism, with an article at Sina Tech pointing out how Xiaomi basically ripped off most of Balmuda’s design [Google Translate].

Balmuda released an official statement alleging design plagiarism [Google Translate].

Really, if this was to go to court and before a jury, Xiaomi would lose big-time [Google Translate]. Everyday people might not know a thing about aerodynamics and such, but they can damn well tell a rip-off when they see one.

This is a big black eye for Xiaomi. They should be ashamed.

It’s time to retire your damn copying machine, Xiaomi, and let your designers do their jobs.

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Onda Shows Dual-Boot Android-Windows 8.1 Tablet



I don’t know what that stupid image has to do with anything. (Same-day update: Onda sent out several Weibos and apparently that image from a different topic altogether wound up in one of the Weibos promoting dual-boot! It has nothing to do with dual-boot.)

See the video after the break.

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China 12/12 Sales


I don’t know if this is an official holiday in China or a manufactured sales day just for tablets. But all of the tablet vendors are pimping a double-12 sale that takes place tomorrow. Such discounted prices are never passed on to users outside of China who order through middlemen, however.

The above graphic is from Teclast’s pimping of the sales day.

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