Xiaomi’s Outright Theft Of Balmuda Design

More than one site in China has pointed out disturbing similarities between the design of the new Xiaomi air purifier and one from Balmuda.

It’s now reached peak plagiarism, with an article at Sina Tech pointing out how Xiaomi basically ripped off most of Balmuda’s design [Google Translate].

Balmuda released an official statement alleging design plagiarism [Google Translate].

Really, if this was to go to court and before a jury, Xiaomi would lose big-time [Google Translate]. Everyday people might not know a thing about aerodynamics and such, but they can damn well tell a rip-off when they see one.

This is a big black eye for Xiaomi. They should be ashamed.

It’s time to retire your damn copying machine, Xiaomi, and let your designers do their jobs.

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