CUBE T9 4G Gets A Review


Over at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

It’s a 9.7-inch tablet with Retina-class screen, 64-bit MediaTek MT8752V CPU at 1.7GHz, 2GBs of RAM, 32GBs of internal storage, 13MP back camera, and China-compatible 3G/4G. (Note that 4G is both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE, which might mean it can work with 4G outside of China. There’s no guarantee about 3G outside of China.)

The AnTuTu score is higher than Intel tablets:


The reviewer also points out that transferring files to it via USB from a PC was particularly fast.

Although a 13MP camera sounds great, the reality isn’t. Two full-size photos are published and they’re rather miserable, with a lack of sharpness and digital noise. See them directly at full-size here and here. Cameras continue to be an afterthought in tablets other than from Apple. This despite scenes such as this one becoming prevalent:


That’s China State Propagandist Lu Wei visiting Tim Cook at Apple and someone in the back photographing them — with an iPad. An iPad. Not a China-branded tablet. China tablet makers should shrink in shame over that.

There seem to be no gothcas with this tablet. All the same, I’m not excited by it — the bad camera sinks it.

Previously here:

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23 responses to “CUBE T9 4G Gets A Review

  1. giouncino

    In my opinion tablet are not made (and confortable) to take pictures, so if camera is not good who cares? Other aspects like performance, display quality, stability and battery life are a lot more important than a camera!

  2. balvan

    that is – I agree with Giouncino.

  3. kiti

    I just buy cube t9 but battery drain 1% every 3min and it’s charged so long (let say 7-8 hour)
    is this normal?
    if not how to fix?

  4. james

    Mike, if you dislike chinese made product, why bother. Leave it to consumer to make their choice, is their money, are you paying them to buy. I am 9x user too, pretty satisfied despite the flaws, for the price i pay, I am not complaining. it served my purpose and being using 3 months, my sons loaded heavy games and happy with it, they know squeeze it.even I lost or damage, no sweat just buy another, with iPad, you are will be cursing right to the hell till the devil greets guys have another reason to laugh at. I think you more flawed than the Chinese tablet, attitude wise..

    • Please fucking stop reading this site. Thanks.

      • Prostate

        well to be fair, you seem to have a problem with cube’s products if i understand your various reviews. i have been a samsung user for a while (galaxy tab then tab 2 then tab 3 then tab 4. quality is good but each of then has left me with a slight sour taste. decent tabs but no butterflies…. i took the leap with a t9, as cube seems to want to make changes in the china tech perception. in short they are trying, we will see when it arrives…

      • My problem with CUBE is that they advertised a clearly fraudulent AnTuTu score. And it wasn’t necessary to do so. If they’ll lie about their score, what else are they lying about? Others have praised their build quality. That may be so, but I can’t trust that company.

  5. Luis

    Cube T9 seems to be plagued with touchscreen problems.
    I have one and there is an issue with the touchscreen sensivity which makes playing games that require constant swiping (or entering text by swype) extremely frustrating because it does work.

    I dont know if this is a software or a hardware problem.
    I have emailed Cube and have not received a reply yet.

  6. Jackie D.

    Well, well…. Thanks to Luis & Andrea, I will no longer consider this tab. Mike, why didn’t you talk about this glytch?

    • Because I don’t follow the minutiae of every tablet. There are only so many hours in a day and I only go deeper into tablets that personally interest me.

  7. Hurlyclaw

    The storage space is terrible. It installs to tye system partition. You can only install a few apps before is tells you “insufficient space” even trying to move to SD storage is a no go. Also I’ve tried 2 different types of stylus and neither work.

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