iambillbil Evaluates Dual-Boot Teclast X98 Air 3G


Over at the IMP3Net forum, tablet wonk iambillbil evaluates the Android-Windows 8.1 dual-boot version of the Teclast X98 Air 3 [Google Translate].

Aside from the CPU going from the Z3735F to the Z3736F with an increase of peak frequency from 1.83Ghz to 2.16GHz, nothing has changed since the original X98 Air 3G except for the boot time into Android:

One significant change in the level of hardware, boot time is changed, the original pure Android version takes about 30 seconds to start completely, and now dual system boot time is close to one minute version.

He’s not too happy about the partitioning of internal storage:

In addition, because the machine is installed reasons dual system, built-in hard disk partition too much, the built-in hard drive 32G EMMC assigned to a total capacity of Andrews 10G. And this part of the capacity of the system to switch to win8 below can not be identified and read.

Andrews following internal hard drive read speed test, there have been significant slowdowns, (emmc chip Toshiba particles has not changed) but write speed control pure Android version following performance, read and write speed is reduced by a third . Should lead to fragmentation problem.

Interestingly, the dual-boot version has the new voice-control Elf from Teclast installed:


We still don’t know if it’s multilingual or Chinese-only. Since it can do offline dictation, it’d be great if it could do English. (However, since Android already has offline dictation, I wonder if that’s also in this tablet.)

He mentions thermal throttling. And his conclusion is that, aside from storage read performance and the faster thermal throttling (the peak frequency is now higher), the overall stability on the Android side has improved:

Early September at their own expense to test pure Android x98 air 3g version of this machine. In 2048 resolution 9.7-inch variety of machines inside, Taipower this machine look the same size as the basic and apple air, hardware quality on the test is also a leading everywhere. 3288 cpu part after the chip performance, GPU part second only A80T. At that time the situation was regrettable that this machine is the stability of the system is relatively poor, in a large high-resolution 3D gaming or video playback when prone to crash.

And now there’s a machine in December, which I feel is the test, and had the same appearance, in addition to hard disk speed hardware quality because too much fragmentation appears lower than the write speed, the other outstanding level of hardware does not change. The systems greatly enhance stability. The following peak also enhance fluency about 3%. And after the heat, slow down and speed performance have become more than pure factory firmware Android version following more outstanding performance because the CPU and GPU quickly slow down the heat, but also fast speed back, this performance, I feel more stable system easy to use.

And this is really the key part in conclusion:

And then in September of pure x98 air 3G Android version of this machine is the soft underbelly of the system stability.

Now this hardware in December of the same, and the system becomes a dual system win8 Andrews Taipower X98air 3G dual system perfect machine later. I personally feel really good. Even the original system unstable regret are handled well.

Unfortunately, or is it a little, and that is the hard drive capacity. 32G emmc capacity, after being spent Andrews system partition, data partitioning and sdcard partition, also win8 system partition, backup partition later occupied the remaining space was not enough.

He likes it, but not without a bit of regret over the small storage that’s left over.

I don’t know if he’s also going to do the Windows side of the tablet. More than once in this post he refers people to his prior evaluation of the original Android-only X98 Air 3G for performance details.

This is the kind of tablet for someone who can’t make up their mind with a tablet. Which would be me. But I still have reservations about it. The value of having basically two tablets in one seems like a great deal, even with the minuscule amount of on-board storage for each.

But when I see the boot times for both sides, I wonder how soon that waiting would drive me up the wall. It’s not the five-to-seven(!) minutes my current notebook requires to boot, but the thing about tablets is that we want instant use. So…

And then a user questions how Teclast is exactly accomplishing the dual-boot. Are they basically flashing the firmware on each restart? If so, how long before the flash runs out of its write cycles and makes the tablet useless?

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7 responses to “iambillbil Evaluates Dual-Boot Teclast X98 Air 3G

  1. Dudeonyx

    You should check out the new teclast tablet announced the X10 hd;
    Comes with dual boot, 64GB rom, 2G ram, 10.1 inch, 2560×1600 screen, z3736f cpu, 8000mah battery, keyboard docking slots, 3G&wifi , alternate charging port,

    This could be the killer china tab of 2015 first quarter , provided it has no serious software bugs

  2. If only x98 Air II had a possibility to install dualboot…
    On Aliexpress the difference between prices of dualboot and android versions is about 50 dollars which looks incredible

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