Teclast X10HD 3G: Dual-Boot, Big Screen, 64GBs Storage

Thanks to Dudeonyx in Comments for pointing out a very interesting tablet I seem to have missed over the past week!


This is a 10.1-inch IPS screen at 2560 x 1600 with an Intel Z3736F at a peak frequency of 2.16GHz, 2GBs of RAM, 64GBs of internal storage, microSD card slot, micro-HDMI-out, microUSB port (OTG), Bluetooth 4.0, docking connector (for a keyboard), WiDi, GPS via China-compatible 3G (WCDMA + GSM), and an 8,000 mAh battery. It’s dual-boot Android/Windows 8.1.

Some images from the Teclast site (reduced):


Of course, it can’t really split-screen Android and Windows. That’s for dramatic effect — but for those who aren’t paying attention, it could be misleading. To be clear, it must be booted into Android or Windows.



This tablet was apparently announced six days ago. It probably got by me because of the 10.1-inch screen — but I should have noticed any mention of dual-boot.

Anyway, it’s so new that Teclast hasn’t — at post time — populated the spec page for it. But those seem to be available at the Teclast forum (use Chrome or drop link into Bing Translator).

It’s priced at 1,999 yuan — which is about US$323, putting it into a whole new price category of China tablet.

Still, I’ll be looking for reviews of this one.



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38 responses to “Teclast X10HD 3G: Dual-Boot, Big Screen, 64GBs Storage

  1. Gorka

    georgeous screen! i should have waited for this Tablet instead of buying the onda v102w…teclast rocks!

  2. I wonder why they didn’t put 3 (or even 4!) GB of RAM in it, to match Samsung and others.

    • How much RAM can Android address? I’m not sure these tablets will get an update to 5.0, so they probably cheap out on RAM for 4.4.x. Maybe the next gen of tablets by March will increase RAM on dual-boot tablets?

      • I know in Windows you need 64bit os to address more than 3GB, maybe it’s the same for Android? So 4GB is pointless for Teclast until they have 64bit Android 5.0 Lolipop.

      • giouncino

        all 32bit Operative System cannot address more than 4Gb of ram (limit of all 32bit system architecture).

  3. Looks good, I hope the screen glass and touch sensor is zero gap tech and 8000mAH battery is the same size as the air 3G, it should be increased. Still the Air 3G gets around 6 hours, I would say this would get 5 hours? I agree 4:3 would have been better, but it seems the screen teclast could get their hands was 16:10, Shame.

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  5. hello,
    Superb small tablet … The pen seems very interesting if it is accurate.
    Do you have a release date, because I am interested to buy it, but I do not see any site that sell it ?
    I did not manage to contact Teclast ( I can not find the link).


  6. sznapsik

    Where can I buy it for 323$?

  7. Sorry for my english (french)

    I’ve see in chinese teclast forum : 26 – 12 – 2014

    Source :

  8. Shan

    WTH! I just ordered the Teclast X90HD last night only to discover this? I would have loved this one instead. Oh well I guess someone’s getting a nice christmas present from me!

  9. Stanley

    First of all THANKS to MikeCane and Hendrickson for sharing a lot of info on this wonder Tab. Some contribution from me. X10HD 3G is up for pre-order at AliExpress through seller Anna Fang. It will ship only by end of December. Docking station not included and tablet’s expected price is 300$. Docking station will go for another 40$.
    Source: Chat session with Seller

  10. Stanley

    Which model should I buy C8J7 Android oly or C9J7 Dual boot ? C9J7 is true Dual boot ?
    Let us say that C9J7 turns out to be buggy like earlier versions C6J6/C8J7, then can I use the methods applicable for C6J6/C8J7 to fix the BIOS/Android/Win8.1 bugs of C9J7 by flashing it with the BIOS/ROM/WINPE available in Teclast XDA thread 56172484?
    My point is that I don’t want to buy a possible buggy C9J7 with no XDA community support and no Teclast support whatsoever.
    In that case, I would rather prefer to buy older C8J7 and get full proven XDA community support.
    Please recommend.

  11. Panda

    I got a x10hd3g last night and I found that there is no dual boot menu as shown in some video in youtube about X89air II. I can only play with windows 8.1 and I have tried to reboot it many times and it doesn’t get a dual boot menu so as to boot into android system. I have tried to assess the bios to change some boot setting, but still no luck. I am so frustrated.
    Anyone here can help??

  12. David

    You should be able to switch the OS by starting with power + volume UP key

  13. mofo1

    Not 100% sure but I think you have to press the power button and volume button at the same time to switch OS’s.

  14. lucien

    How much space is left with both systems installed? I’ve seen images of the tablet with a Microsoft surface touch cover like keyboard and stylus. Is that real or photoshopped? And has anyone that has gotten their hands on one make a video?

    • Manish

      Its photoshopped and entirely inaccurate. If they were in USA they would have gotten sued for all the misrepresentation they do on their website. No active digitizer. Plus keyboard is not like the Surface type covers. It has a origami fold in the back that attaches with magnets. Expect shoddy construction.

  15. Johny

    When is this one coming out?

  16. lsratdownload

    “Maybe the next gen of tablets by March will increase RAM on dual-boot tablets?”

    @mikecane , nice summary. Do Teclast typically update their tablet range every three months (i.e. four times a year), then?

  17. Maghintosh

    For panda, i got the same problem, suddenly the tablet didn’t load the droidboot menu, i’ve hold pressed volume + and power button for 10 seconds and it finally worked again. I hope to be helpfull

  18. misreable buyer

    thnx really for great site
    but here it s..when the tablet came,It was on and I shut down it accidentaly(didn’t know sliding down would make shutdown(though like android phones,it will unlock)..but after shutting down,I couldn’t turn it on again and even connecting to pc, pc doesn’t recognize any device being attached
    is there any reset factory button??I tried pressing button for 20sec whether its singe or multi vol+power buttons but to no avail..do you happen to know any suggestion??beause its really new (didn’t see of it less than 10seconds maybe..sad)

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