Sony’s Monster Z4 Tablet Ultra

Which, unfortunately, will likely have a price to match. But still, look at these specs!!


That’s just breathtaking.

See more at PadNews (use Chrome or drop link into Bing Translator).



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9 responses to “Sony’s Monster Z4 Tablet Ultra

  1. mehdi

    no price annouced ?

  2. John

    Looks amazing but I think at that pricepoint I would prefer a Surface Pro 3

  3. If you follow any sport, you’ll have noticed that the transfer market is the season for all kinds of wild rumours without any base on reality. This sort of news is the tech industry equivalent.

  4. Miketroh

    If this is a precursor to what’s going to be revealed by all of the Big Brands….ie…Asus, Samsung, Acer, HP, Dell,…all I can say is….BRING EM ON!!!!..AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!…LOL

  5. Paul

    I’m guessing between the price will be $699 and $849. Also Is this the first tablet to have more than 3GB? And also the first on using LPDDR4?

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