Teclast Time



If someone told me at the start of 2014 that Teclast would be the most popular subject here, I would have laughed.



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5 responses to “Teclast Time

  1. Gorka

    They should send you all their devices for test..I see no other place which provides better up to dates about their newest products. Thanks Mike!

  2. giouncino

    Teclast seems to be one of the brand that invested more on new products / features this year. I’m pleased to see that, even if I’ve never had the possibility to touch with hands any teclast product.
    But I’m curious…

    • None of the domestic brands are thought of highly in China, excepting Xiaomi and a few phone makers. But Teclast seems to have made the right moves to make people outside of China curious too. And they’ve been selling somewhat well inside of China this year too.

  3. Shan

    My original interest was peaked when around 3 weeks ago I saw a video of a Winbook 7″ tablet that ran Win 8.1 and had a full size USB 3.0 port (in addition to a Micro USB + HDMI) that sold only for $59 in the US. I hadn’t realised that you could find such small windows based tablets for so cheap. As I started investigating I noiced the Lynx range in the UK – also 7m8 and 10 inch tablets going for bargain prices. SO further investigation started leading me to the Chinese brands. I soon discovered Onda and Teclast. It was a case of just comparing specs and while I was very close to going with an Onda V891w – the fact that it didn’t have HDMI out was a no to me. I’m actually surprised they omitted it. There was also mention that an Onda x89 Air II with a 2.12Mhz INtel CPU existed but nobody seemed to actually have that for sale. In the end I decided on the Teclast X90HD since that seemed to tick all the boxes (of course still a 1.83Mhz CPU) but at least the screen res was better than the Onda. Now I am considering the Teclast X10HD as that seems to offer everything including a larger screen but also GPS and a better battery. It’s a shame that they didn’t offer this device weeks ahead of Christmas.

    BTW with all this popularity in cheap Chinese tablets running Win 8.1, we need to have some sort of discussion page. With Hendrickson (Chris) Youtube channel and Mikes Blog posts, it would be good to have one place we can all discuss this stuff.

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