Xiaomi’s “Big Move” In eBooks



Bing Translator:

“Millet flat amplification 40,000 books in a free year! “Millet flat has been brewing for a long time of” dull “was finally unveiled today, millet tablet users will get the privilege of free screenings of 40,000 books a year, but only in the top 10,000, bookish classmate is absolutely not to be missed. Rushed forward to tell friends: http://t.cn/RzlTEGW


As can be seen, the math doesn’t add up. This is an ongoing problem when translating Chinese to English. Figures get mutilated. I’ll update this post after I’ve seen coverage at other sites that understand Chinese.

I have no idea what kind of eBooks these are. And if they’re eBooks people would usually pay for, who’s paying for them so the writers get paid?

Previously here:

Compilation Of Xiaomi News

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