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The Missing: Final Episode


No spoilers after the break.

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Are Cheap Android Tablets A Brochure To Buy An iPad?

Steve Jobs, 1985, Playboy interview:

Playboy: How about the low-priced computers: Commodore and Atari?

Jobs: I consider those a brochure for why you should buy an Apple II or Macintosh. I think people have already determined that the sub-$500 computers don’t do very much. They either tease people to want more or frustrate people completely.

Playboy: What about some of the smaller portables?

Jobs: They are OK if you’re a reporter and trying to take notes on the run. But for the average person, they’re really not that useful, and there’s not all that software for them, either. By the time you get your software done, a new one comes out with a slightly bigger display and your software is obsolete. So nobody is writing any software for them. Wait till we do it — the power of a Macintosh in something the size of a book!

I did a screensnap of that too.

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Another Part Of The Steve Jobs Puzzle

Playboy Interview: Steve Jobs

Playboy: What was your introduction to computers?

Jobs: A neighbor down the block named Larry Lang was an engineer at Hewlett-Packard. He spent a lot of time with me, teaching me stuff. The first computer I ever saw was at Hewlett-Packard. They used to invite maybe ten of us down every Tuesday night and give us lectures and let us work with a computer. I was maybe 12 the first time. I remember the night. They showed us one of their new desktop computers and let us play on it. I wanted one badly.

Playboy: What was it about it that interested you? Did you have a sense of its potential?

Jobs: It wasn’t anything like that. I just thought they were neat. I just wanted to mess around with one.


Review of Steve Jobs

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Official Jolla Blog


Official Jolla Blog

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Jolla Crowdfunds iPad Mini Clone


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CUBE & Onda Pile On Xiaomi

Really, this is extraordinary!



The accompanying illustration (click through for it) shows a support person getting an earful over a product that turns out just to be earbuds!

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Reference: Official 2015 China Holidays

See the official holidays — in red — after the break.

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Teclast 80h Tablet Is Now Dual-Boot Too



Teclast throws a monkey-wrench into the market.

Anyone want to buy an eight-inch tablet that does only Windows 8.1 now?

The China Tmall page. 799 yuan is about US$128.

Teclast’s dual-boot 80h page. The Photoshoppery includes a stylus. I wouldn’t go buying this if you think there will be a stylus later on. This is a conventional capacitive screen, like most tablets.

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Xiaomi’s US$65 Smartphone



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