Are Cheap Android Tablets A Brochure To Buy An iPad?

Steve Jobs, 1985, Playboy interview:

Playboy: How about the low-priced computers: Commodore and Atari?

Jobs: I consider those a brochure for why you should buy an Apple II or Macintosh. I think people have already determined that the sub-$500 computers don’t do very much. They either tease people to want more or frustrate people completely.

Playboy: What about some of the smaller portables?

Jobs: They are OK if you’re a reporter and trying to take notes on the run. But for the average person, they’re really not that useful, and there’s not all that software for them, either. By the time you get your software done, a new one comes out with a slightly bigger display and your software is obsolete. So nobody is writing any software for them. Wait till we do it — the power of a Macintosh in something the size of a book!

I did a screensnap of that too.




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8 responses to “Are Cheap Android Tablets A Brochure To Buy An iPad?

  1. Ric Day

    Mostly, yes. If you like hacking hardware, Android tablets can be fun. If you are just looking for a fairly typical mix of entertainment and reading, an iPad would be the better choice. because there are apps for almost everything and Apple has fairly decent support in the stores..

  2. Chad

    Okay I will bite on this.

    This data point is coming from a family, myself in IT, my daughter who is two years old and my wife who does landscaping.

    We have three PC’s in the house, 1x ipad air, and also recently purchased the Telcast Air II with Windows 8.1 Bing on it.

    Over-all I have to say we’re happy with the Telcast Air and its performance. For the vast majority of cases it just `works`, and does what our family wants from it. We mostly use it for web browsing, youtube, and watching movies. Though it did appear very apparent after 2 weeks of use the whole Microsoft Store and Metro UI, with touch user interface is too problematic with Windows. (I’m even considering converting it back to Android)

    The 4:3 aspect ratio and resolution with Metro Apps just has alignment problems, overlapping UI elements, inconsistent UI design, and aesthetics from one app to the next. Inconsistent Audio volume levels, and apps that either open the desktop UI or vise versa. Its like a split personality girlfriend you don’t want to take home to the family because you’re worried she will switch any time without warning.

    Originally I got the tablet because of the aspect ratio, DPI, Keyboard and Mouse support with a mature operating system (please don’t get me started on Android). Though at the end of the day we use it as a tablet simply because you cannot do any type of productive work on a 9-inch screen with Windows apps. You can hook up a HDMI to a 96DPI screen then you run into needing to restart the windows tablet due to inconsistent resolution and DPI change!

    I laugh at the sales guy or people say you can run old windows app or games or use Microsoft Office word/excell/power point. You can, but why would you?! The main focus of a tablet is to be mobile and with complete touch focus. You simply cannot apply the same UI design concepts for keyboard and mouse UI to a touch UI or vis versa.

    At work a couple of guys have the surface pro 3, and they kind of mirror the same feelings about their devices. The inconsistent UI design from Metro to the Desktop mode. The problem with changing DPI from a external monitor to the native display. The lack of app’s in the Microsoft Store. Then you’re typically running on less powerful hardware than you get on a laptop. So you’re limited to 2-3 tabs in chrome or IE.

    Though we’re waiting for the Telcast Air II to die, for the excuse to purchase a IPAD Air II.

  3. giouncino

    I can only say: if someone give me an iPad (or “i-something”) i would be EXTREMELY HAPPY to immediately SELL IT!
    I would never buy Apple. A close (and almost pay-for-all) is not made for me.

    • Moccij

      Have you ever got an i-something? I used to think like you, then someone gifted me a 4s, and now I’m writing this on my Air. I never paid for anything (unless it was hardware related), all I need is included by stock, and valuable apps are just few euros away. Overall a much greater value over what I expected.

      • iPad seems to handle Google Books PDF better due to what’s in iOS that Android lacks …

      • giouncino

        No, simply because I use my money in a BETTER way, but I have had a possibility to test them: nothing special, but with a price 4 times higher than “normal”.
        In any case I’m an electronic engineer so I can do wathever I want with my fantastic cube talk 9x tablet paid 4 times less (at least) than iPad air!

        Mike, I don’t care about PDF managing, so I would not buy apple for this kind of use.

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