Teclast 80h Tablet Is Now Dual-Boot Too



Teclast throws a monkey-wrench into the market.

Anyone want to buy an eight-inch tablet that does only Windows 8.1 now?

The China Tmall page. 799 yuan is about US$128.

Teclast’s dual-boot 80h page. The Photoshoppery includes a stylus. I wouldn’t go buying this if you think there will be a stylus later on. This is a conventional capacitive screen, like most tablets.

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3 responses to “Teclast 80h Tablet Is Now Dual-Boot Too

  1. Gorka

    Waiting for the x90hd to join the legion of dual boot tablets!
    One simple question mike when do you expect teclast and other manufacturers to release their tablets with intel m processors?do you recommend waiting until them or just spending some USD in buying any of these devices?

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