Hisense Vidaa Pad Coming To America

Hisense Sero 8 Pro tablet hits the FCC, high-res display and all

But will we get all the colors?

I’m disappointed English-language JD.com carries only the Tyrant Gold model. That red color is killer.

This could be the first Rockchip 3288-based tablet to be sold in America. I’m a bit excited over the prospect of fondling it. I hope it gets in actual stores (wake up, Best Buy!).

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6 responses to “Hisense Vidaa Pad Coming To America

  1. TabletMaxx is in the U.S and has the Pipo P8 – RK3288 based tablet in stock, which offers the same specs but ultimately is a better deal with 32GB storage, a bigger 5300 mAh battery, Dual band Wifi plus GPS built in

  2. Have you tested out and used the Pipo P 8 ? Probably Not. It’s a great tablet, the O/S runs smoothly, Pipo Electronics does a good job to assure compatibility with popular Google Apps and services, Netflix and so on compared to most other Asia-based brands (believe me, I’ve tested out a lot of models), and you have no idea what you’re talking about. Your loss.

    I’ve had mine for a month and it’s a great deal.

    • giouncino

      Have you ever tested other brands?
      Probably not: they are ABSOLUTELY better than Pipo, more stable, ROM can be upgraded without backup and restore data every time, run smooth too, have unibody metal shape deign.
      And have a better warranty support than Pipo (Pipo warranty support doewsn’t exist…)

      As I said I’m and Administrator of Pipo Italian Community so I’m sure I’ve more experience on Pipo crap devices than you!

      Cube, Teclast and iFive are A LOT better than Pipo on every aspect!
      If you are happy of your device I’m happy for you, but Pipo is more expensive and with lower quality than others.

      I would not suggest to anyone to buy this kind of product.

      This Vidaa Pad is an interesting device: light, well built and with good performance. About stability, who knows at the moment?

  3. I have the tablet in gold and it looks nice. It’s squared edges are almost sharp. But I keep it in a keyboard case so it’s not an issue. The 8mp camera is why I purchased the tablet. It’s rumored the american version will only have a 5mp camera. But that is NOT verified information, only time will tell.

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