Onda V919 3G Air Dual-Boot Coming




It’s interesting that the first tablet to get it will be their latest and the one that resembles an iPad Air the most, down to a Home button!. I guess that Home button will double as a Windows button too.

The link goes to the Onda BBS [Google Translate].

Let’s see how their dual-boot differs from the method Teclast uses. They claim switching without rebooting:

… exclusive, world’s first perfect hot start dual system, can be a key to switch between the Win8 and Android system when the system is running …

I’m very skeptical.

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6 responses to “Onda V919 3G Air Dual-Boot Coming

  1. giouncino

    Virtualization again?

  2. highwind

    Dual-boot without (re-)booting… Cannot get more stupid than that, can it?

    • What’s your complaint now?

      • highwind

        No complaint… it is just entertaining how people use terms that are incorrect, misleading and highly unlogical and do not even notice.

        Dual-Boot without (re-)booting is as logical as a mechanic offering a tire change without changing a tire…
        I mean you do not need to be an high level IT-specialist to figure that Dual-Boot requires booting (and therefore cant be Dual-Boot if it doesnt require booting), do you?

      • Wrong. Dual-boot can also mean *consecutive* booting of two OSes.

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