Palm, Is That You?

A trip to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office revealed something.

Click = big

And we get two such corporate registrations in Florida.

First one:

Click = big

Second one:

Click = big

And yes, there are three PDFs to see at that second listing.

But there’s really nothing much in them that’s not in the two listings snapped above. The “Annual Reports” are laughably void of any information.

So what do we have here?

Someone named Carlos in Florida who has a new Palm site up and the Palm registered trademarks (word and logo).

Who is he?

How did he get the marks?

Why didn’t HP mention selling such IP in its own Annual Report? (Did anyone bother to look? Not my job.)

This is all the digging I intend to do. webOS Nation can do the rest. I’m not sending out emails or making voice phone calls. Have fun, Derek!

I just find the Florida location weird. Blu Products is also located in Florida. Different city, but still. Coincidence?



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7 responses to “Palm, Is That You?

  1. Martín

    Return of the Living Dead

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  3. Hey, at least Graffiti runs on Android. :)

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