Ramos i9s Pro: Dual-Boot Android/Windows 8.1


This tablet doesn’t interest me.

But it’s notable for these reasons:

1) As Intel’s first partner in China, Ramos has really been trying to improve quality control and create a distinct look

2) It’s the second dual-boot tablet from Ramos

2) It has 64GBs of storage

See coverage at IMP3Net [Google Translate], full specs at PadHz [Google Translate], and beauty shots of the tablet (Windows 8.1 version) at ZOL [Google Translate].

Previously here:

Videos: Ramos i10Pro Android-Windows Dual Boot Tablet
Ramos i10Pro Tablet Is Dual-Boot Windows/Android
Ramos: Dual-Boot Windows/Android Tablet


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7 responses to “Ramos i9s Pro: Dual-Boot Android/Windows 8.1

  1. I bought the Ramos i9s last month and this is absolutely one of the best tablets available that feels and looks as good as an iPad or Samsung device and priced $200 less. Totally worth it.

    The new Ramos i9s Pro actually looks like the perfect tablet – size wise and with options to use Android and take advantage of some of the best 3D Games that are only available on Windows O/S.

  2. paris

    I bought one from Antelife and I love it so much. Excellent tablet PC. Recommend ! :)

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