Nokia N1 Tablet Event In China


Apparently ZOL is involved in this, as members of their forum have a chance to participate and twenty-four of those attendees will be given a free Nokia N1 tablet(!) [Google Translate].

The event will take place January 7 in Beijing at the Shangri-La New House, Grand Ballroom.

As it turns out, Nokia recently got a Weibo account.

This is their latest Weibo:


The few others are mostly promotional and don’t reveal anything new.

It will be interesting to see what forum messages from the new Nokia N1 owners have to say. With all the tablet choices available in China, will the Nokia N1 impress them at all?

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2 responses to “Nokia N1 Tablet Event In China

  1. Robert Jasiek

    More importantly, when will it be available in Europe, North America and the rest of the world? And dreaming, when will they issue a Windows version?

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