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Ebola Back In NYC Again?

Next-day update: Negative.

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The League Of Galaxy Note Women: Armed

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That Samsung Galaxy Note Phone
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MiBand iOS Update Brings English



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Health Fundraiser

Fundraiser launches to help Norm Breyfogle following stroke

A fundraiser has been established online to help cover the medical expenses of veteran Batman artist Norm Breyfogle, who suffered a stroke last week, leaving the left-handed illustrator paralyzed on his left side.

According to the campaign, launched by his brother Kevin Breyfogle and sister-in-law Wendy Wiegert, the 54-year-old Breyfogle has no health insurance and a savings eaten away by his hospital stay, yet requires months of care and physical therapy at a nursing home.

A day into the effort, it’s raised nearly $16,500 toward its $200,000 goal, which will be used to cover the $10,000-a-month costs of the nursing home (Wiegert and Kevin Breyfogle say that Medicaid is expected to begin covering those expenses after six months).

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Terrible news.

I don’t run ads on this blog (WordPress does; I get none of that). I’ve never asked for anything other than interested readers. But if you have found this site useful, sometimes I ask readers to contribute to others as a way of saying thanks.

Contribute here. Thanks.

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R.I.P. Writer Jeremy Lloyd

‘Allo ‘Allo! comedy writer Jeremy Lloyd dies

Jeremy Lloyd, co-creator of BBC comedies ‘Allo ‘Allo! and Are You Being Served?, has died aged 84.

Lloyd died in hospital after being admitted for pneumonia, his agent said.

He worked with fellow comedy writer David Croft on the popular comedy series set in a department store, which ran from 1972-85.

I loved Are You Being Served?. Britcoms are the best. They still derive their humor from the situation and not by having the characters fling cruel and too-often disgusting insults at one another.

You made millions laugh without feeling dirty. Rest in peace.

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MyDrivers Leaks New Xiaomi Flagship Phone

Today Meizu ventured into Xiaomi territory with an iPhone 5c-lookalike phone that will sell for 999 yuan. It has better specs than its 999 yuan competition from Xiaomi.

So naturally Xiaomi had to do something to steal Meizu’s buzz.



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Onda’s Dual-Boot Announcement

What follows are all the Weibos Onda sent out live to announce their new dual-boot machines. If an image needs enlargement, it will follow the embedded version.

Annoying, Onda padded most Weibos with exhortations for people to pass them along to win a cheap prize!



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Teclast X10HD 3G Pre-Sale Notice

Having been properly caffeinated, let’s see if I can avoid any more post errors!



The pre-sale price is 1,599 yuan — or about US$256. The alleged regular price is 1,999 yuan — or about US$321. Prices that high are bumping up against well-known global brands — even if those brands can’t match these specs.

The Tmall pre-sale page. It begins tomorrow.

I know this tablet interests many people. But I stand firm on my advice: Never buy the first batch. China tablet makers have a record of quietly revising their hardware. Early buyers sometimes get stuck with versions that can’t be fully updated. Don’t be a lab rat! Always wait at least a month.

Previously here:

Teclast X10HD 3G: Dual-Boot, Big Screen, 64GBs Storage


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iFive MX2 Post Deleted

There was a post about an unbelievable price. It was a misinterpretation on my part. It wasn’t the price. It was the amount of the price drop.

If you saw the post, ignore it. Next!

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