MyDrivers Leaks New Xiaomi Flagship Phone

Today Meizu ventured into Xiaomi territory with an iPhone 5c-lookalike phone that will sell for 999 yuan. It has better specs than its 999 yuan competition from Xiaomi.

So naturally Xiaomi had to do something to steal Meizu’s buzz.







At the link within the Weibo is this text:

[Exclusive! Millet’s new flagship real machine large exposure] A source told us two exclusive exposure millet new flagship real machine diagram, from the picture point of view, its screen is not small. In addition, the source also revealed that this is a new high-end flagship millet, configuration top price will certainly be a breakthrough 1999 yuan, the final price may be 2999 ​​yuan. Web links

And the link there goes to MyDrivers [Google Translate].

So this is iLevon picking up from MyDrivers.

1,999 yuan = US$321
2,999 yuan = US$482

This is a premium high-end phone. It reminds me a bit of the ZTE Zmax in size and shape:


It will likely have a Snapdragon 801 CPU inside and full worldwide 4G compatibility. It could also be a 2K 5.7-inch screen with a 20MP back camera.

This is what has been rumored as Xiaomi’s CES phone introduction. The higher price is probably not only due to more expensive components but also what was never factored into Xiaomi prices before: Patent licenses! Xiaomi can’t escape China without coughing up that dough.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Xiaomi sells this in America. I still think they will partner with a carrier — and it will be T-Mobile, probably as an exclusive.

This is the kind of phone that could give Samsung a real headache and maybe even make Apple take notice.

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