Nokia N1 Tablet: Two New Photos

ZOL seems to have the exclusive track on pimping the Nokia N1 tablet.

Today they’ve published a promotion article that contains two new photos [Google Translate].



Remember, this is a sealed box. There’s no microSD card slot or HDMI-out port. It’s unique features are a sound system, the new reversible USB type-C port, and Android 5.0 (the first iPad Mini clone with it pre-installed). Cameras are still an unknown quantity.

According to a second article, there will be two colors, aluminum (as shown above) and “ash” (similar to Apple’s Space Gray) [Google Translate]:


Between now and January 7, expect ZOL to pimp the hell out of it.

It’s going to be very interesting to read the reviews and user reports about this one. And to see if anyone at XDA Developers grabs it and manages to put Windows 8.1 on it.

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4 responses to “Nokia N1 Tablet: Two New Photos

  1. Robert Jasiek

    If the photos are real, then the mirroring display prevents outdoor usage; very disappointing. Suppose XDA manages Windows 8.1 on the N1, would this mean firmware written by XDA, i.e., would one need to trust XDA concerning security (no rootkit in the firmware)?

    • I don’t know, re XDA. I haven’t been following developments there with other tablets. But I do know there’s been some past tinkering with getting Windows onto Intel Inside tablets.

  2. I don’t think the trust issues (or lack thereof) is going to be a problem with anything that XDA does. That is because anything they do will be open-source, that means anyone is able to go in and parse the source code. That is the greatest thing about open-source – openness. It a large community in which any member is able to take apart and scrutinize any software developed by another member.

  3. Marcus

    Meh. No micro sd slot yet again?

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