Onda V919 3G Air Dual Boot: 64GBs Internal Storage



People are going to wind up with the wrong tablet if they’re not careful!

Onda has a version of the V919 3G Air that uses a MediaTek CPU and is Android-only. To make matters even worse, there’s a V919 3G that looks like the Air but isn’t, and also has a MediaTek CPU.

Despite the imminent sale of the first batch of new dual-boot tablets, at post time Onda hasn’t yet listed them on their website.

With Onda offering 64GBs internal storage for 1,199 yuan — that price is less than many 9.7-inch 32GB tablets — how soon will Teclast do that too?

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13 responses to “Onda V919 3G Air Dual Boot: 64GBs Internal Storage

  1. giouncino

    same model name v919 with 2 different SoC is a very crazy idea! Onda marketing seems totally out of control…

  2. Johny

    Waiting for 128Gb Version :)

  3. Is there a way to convert these dual boot tablets to windows 8 only? That 64gb of storage is pretty handy for windows applications and programmes

  4. Chaz

    How is the build and feel compared to the iPad Air?

  5. Mohamed

    Which one is the best Teclast X98 air II OR Onda V919?
    Please tell me, which of them is the best..

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