Xiaomi MiPad 2 To Be Intel Inside!


I found out via GizChina and GizmoChina.

The source article is on Weibo (use Chrome for translation).

Pictures and some details after the break.

It looks like something designed by Sony:


Dimensions aren’t available but it looks to be half as thick as the original MiPad. Which is good. That should also mean less weight.

At top are two openings. One is naturally the camera, of unknown resolution. Would the other be an ambient light sensor?


Someone obviously ran a version of AnTuTu on it!

Here’s the guts:


Intel Z3537F with a typical frequency of 1.33GHz. The screen remains at 7.9 inches at 1536 x 2048 Retina-class resolution.


More details of its guts:


Still Android 4.x — because MIUI hasn’t yet been adapted for Android 5.0. That is bound to happen next year, probably after Xiaomi unveils their new phone(s) at CES. And there we see the CPU specified according to its peak frequency, 1.8GHz. The usual 2GBs of RAM and this particular one has 16GBs of internal storage. Will Xiaomi also release it at 32 or 64GBs as the original MiPad?

Camera resolution and the availability of a microSD card slot are still unknown. As is the bottom connector. And where will the speakers be?

This is certainly one way for Xiaomi to lower the cost the MiPad! That Nvidia K1 is a very expensive CPU. And Intel is right there with a ready-designed motherboard for Xiaomi to lightly adapt and drop into a shell.

Compared to the original MiPad, we’re looking at a drop in measured performance on several levels. But just about every other tablet maker has been Intel Inside for some time, so we know the performance will be acceptable. And depending on how Xiaomi tinkers with MIUI, it could be outstanding compared to other Intel tablets.

However, there have been some loud complaints in forums about many Android apps — particularly games — being incompatible with Intel CPUs. This is something that could reduce the number of potential customers.

On the other hand, it’s Xiaomi. Will they be using Foxconn to build this, as they did with the original MiPad? World-class build quality could help sell it.

I’m not surprised this has been leaked. With the Nokia N1 tablet about to be introduced, I’m certain the marketing people at Xiaomi wanted to make people stop before rushing to buy that tablet.

Now I understand why Xiaomi has suddenly changed the target audience of the existing MiPad:



That’s from the Weibo of Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin Bin. Xiaomi has decided to emphasize the fun colors and market the tablet to women. Lei Jun approves.

I guess this model will stay as one color, black, and be marketed to men?

Both GizmoChina and GizChina have their doubts about this. They point to the design being too much of a departure for Xiaomi and the lack of Mi branding on it.

Given the leak of one of the upcoming high-end Xiaomi phones (which could be a Note phone and not the Mi 5 after all), I’d say the design fits right in with that. And this could be a very early prototype, hence the lack of Mi branding. This wouldn’t be the first leak that proved to be true and didn’t display a Mi brand.

I hope this is all true. We’ve already had rumors of an even cheaper tablet from Xiaomi — one that I hope they’ll never release.

So here’s another tablet I hope people at XDA Developers get their hands on and manage to put Windows 8.1 on it. Why? Just because. More options are always good.

Finally: If Xiaomi prices this right and sales boom, it’ll be great for Intel. Their venture into China will have paid off and the losses they’ve sustained in China will begin to decrease.


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6 responses to “Xiaomi MiPad 2 To Be Intel Inside!

  1. giouncino

    As far as I’ve read many of the compatibility issues with Intel SoC has been fixed now, the biggest problem of Intel BayTrail CPU is battery drain, too high for a 22nm CPU.

    • Nope. I brought up the compatibility issue because just days ago there was such a complaint in the IMP3Net forum from a tablet owner who railed against how few games he wanted would work.

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    This would mean, that my x98 air ii is faster than this shit.

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