Onda’s Dual-Boot Release FAIL



… and then they send out a bunch of Weibos (again using up space on a stupid contest) with no new information. But to top it off, no buying links! And they’re still not even listed on Onda’s website.

What the hell kind of a release is that?

Previously here:

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Onda’s Dual-Boot Announcement
Onda Introduces Dual-Boot Tomorrow
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Onda Shows Dual-Boot Android-Windows 8.1 Tablet
Onda: Android-Windows 8.1 Dual System Coming


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6 responses to “Onda’s Dual-Boot Release FAIL

  1. Marcus

    announcement “release”

  2. Stanley

    I believe it is out there now.
    Couldn’t find an English version but I also got an email about the pre-sale of this tablet.

  3. Stanley

    More or less the same as Teclast X98 3G Air on paper except for
    ++ 64GB Storage
    ++ 128GB MicroSD support !! ??
    — 6200 mAh battery

  4. dey

    6200mah, really? how long it’s gonna last?
    come on Onda
    make a better tablet

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