Teclast X10HD 3G: Fewer Than Five Hundred Sold



Look at the sales figure in the Tmall embed: 469, at post time.

No wonder they didn’t bray about selling out yesterday. This is the second day they’re flogging it. I guess those of us outside of China are the most impressed by it.

Previously here:

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7 responses to “Teclast X10HD 3G: Fewer Than Five Hundred Sold

  1. Gorka

    they are awful at marketing their products. Do they launch videos to boost the interest in their new tablets? no way José!

    • They have for past ones. They haven’t sent any through Weibo if they did it for the X10HD 3G.

      • Gorka

        I mean through YouTube where there are only a few videos published by the proud owners of teclast tablets.maybe I should sign up for in weibo

      • Teclast doesn’t send promo videos to YouTube. And not every owner of a tablet feels the need to do a video. There were no videos as of yesterday, for example, for the Nobis 7.85 tablet despite it being sold at Staples

  2. telzi

    does it really have a kickstand and a pen or is that just shopped – again?

  3. Stanley

    THANKS to MikeCane and Hendrickson for sharing a lot of info on this wonder Tab. X10HD 3G is up for pre-order at AliExpress through seller Anna Fangli (Shenzhen OKQI – Teclast Authorized seller). Docking station not included and tablet’s expected price is 300$. Docking station will go for another 40$. Seller has give pre-sale assurance that the price difference shall be refunded if final price is lesser when the actual sale begins.
    Source: Chat session with Seller (Anna Fangli)

    It will ship only by end of December or may be January. Didn’t have the patience to wait till then.
    So I ordered Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual Boot from CoolMZ.com (Tina WU / AliExpress).
    Hopefully, it may be Delivered by DHL by tomorrow.

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