Onda Dual-Boot Questions & Answers

Onda held a live Weibo exchange between users and an engineer to answer questions.

It’s two-hundred and forty-two Weibo comments and thirteen screens long. And there’s just no way in hell I’m posting that in here.

Anyone who wants to torment themselves with the out-of-order exchanges should boot up Chrome browser and then hit this link. Once there, translate to English (or whatever language you need).

The key points are these:

1) All past Onda tablets are SOL. Their hardware cannot be updated to dual-boot (this includes the V975 series).

2) Onda will consider doing Windows 10/Android 5.0 dual-boot in the future.

3) It’s dual-boot, not two OSes co-existing:

Onda microblogging: Reply @ love to fly lazy garden : dual system is not running at the same time, it is just a memory for the runtime system, 2GB of DDR3 memory is enough

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

4) Tmall now lists the V919 dual-boot. 1,199 yuan (~US$192) for a tablet with a Retina-class 9.7-inch screen and 64GBs of internal storage is amazing. The 7.9-inch 64GB MiPad is 1,699 yuan (~US$272)!

Good luck trying to make sense of this answer from Onda:

Onda microblogging: Reply VVeiboV : currently 32GB, the available disk space of about 29GB, 10GB of space divided ANDROID default when shipped under WINDOWS8.1 points 24GB, as well as around 5GB WINDOWS8.1 recovery partition, the user is unreadable

It exasperated one guy who was paying attention:

VVeiboV : Re @ Onda microblogging : This space allocation is certainly not possible, because the recovery partition not add up to more than 32GB up. We do not care what the total space allocated, after all, the system takes sizes. We just want to know how much free space is available under both systems separately? Thank you!

So many unanswered questions remain.

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6 responses to “Onda Dual-Boot Questions & Answers

  1. hai

    Tell me partitions on onda v919 air ch 64gb tablet(each of partition)

  2. hai

    my tablet onda v919 air ch 64 gb dualboot windows 10 and android 5.1

  3. hai

    my windows network (wifi) is not working so i want to reintall windows and needing format partition of windows

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