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Zombie Brands

Kodak is launching a line of Android smartphones in 2015

Most days, I read tech news pertaining to America via China tech sites. So that puts me a day late sometimes.

Like now.

So we’ve reached the Peak Polaroid Moment with this announcement.

What other dead brand names can be resurrected to slap on shit to fool suckers?

The Leading Edge Tablet!

The Everex Phone!

Hey! I know! What about Palm? Oopsie!

Bitch, please. There is no one on or above the Earth who ever said, “Well, shit. I wish Kodak would do a phone and tablet. I’d buy those!”


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Wannabe Neverbe “Writers” Whine Against Amazon

Amazon Offers All-You-Can-Eat Books. Authors Turn Up Noses.

Let me fix the headline: Shitheads Who Have No Business Writing Whine Their Free Ride Is Ending

On Twitter, I railed against that article.

I’m publishing those tweets here. Because fuck you.

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iLevon: The MiOS Question



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