Bending iPhone 6 Plus, Meet Warping Mi TV!

Ow! I know the 4K Mi TV is a bargain at its price, but what’s happening here? It’s claimed that using it a lot causes it to warp? Is that a thermal issue related to the shell material?

Via Weibo:





If you didn’t pay attention, each photo is of a different Mi TV, so this isn’t one person with a weird problem!

This again reinforces my rule to never be the first to buy.

For months, the Mi TV seemed like a unique product from Xiaomi that was really a bargain and well-made. Only now does the truth come out that there’s a fundamental material defect.

In the US and EU, Xiaomi would have to take all those back and either issue refunds or a replacement. China likely has no such consumer protections — another reason why buying any domestic China-market product is placing a bet. (India-based tech support for Dell is entirely ignorant of the legal term “material defect,” so don’t believe such a consumer protection issue is known worldwide!)


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2 responses to “Bending iPhone 6 Plus, Meet Warping Mi TV!

  1. Ric Day

    Either heat generated inside the display or the primary frame is made from something that cannot hold the weight. Nasty, either way.

    A couple of days ago Keurig recalled 7.2 million coffee makers sold in the US and Canada because some have apparently sprayed boiling liquid on owners. Roughly two years of profit wiped out, and I’m sure Keurig has much better margins than Xiaomi.

    • Yeah, I heard of that recall. I don’t know if their profit was wiped out — do they say so? Wouldn’t there be a form of insurance that would protect a copy? Book publishing has E&O insurance — Errors & Omissions, to guard against such risks.

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